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Total Domain Email Continuity

Protect all email for your company domain. This Ninja will collect everything and store it for delivery when your email server comes back online.

Access To User Email

Knowing your email is safe is good. Providing users access to their email is better. Syphon off email and direct it to the users that need it. Our system has setup Ninja's that allow for fast and easy creation of users and their email addresses and company wide email policies.

Duplicate Your Email Topography

Maintaining normal operations is more than collecting email and providing it to your users. You can also create mailing lists, that you currently have, to ensure email to your executive teams arrive where they should.

Configurable Retention

Experiencing a longer than expected outage? Our Ninja's have a great memory and can store your email upto 30 days. Everything running smooth? Then protect your email for the minimum of three days to make sure you don't miss anything.

Configurable Restore/Syncronization Speed

Have a lot of email that you need quickly. You can get a faster Ninja that will work overtime to get your email to you as fast as possible. If your in no rush, just let the Ninja do its' stuff, your email will be there.

Restore or Inject

Our Ninja's can restore email directly to your InBox. They can also directly inject them to your InBox or another folder of your choice. If your email server was down for an extened period of time and they created subfolders, they can get that back too.